Nandi Yoga Testimonial

I want to thank you and your team at Cogneo for helping us develop and implement a new website for Nandi. At the beginning we could not imagine that a site could reflect our culture and values so precisely while at the same time making it so simple for the web user to navigate, to learn about our business and to make purchases should that be their goal. It needed to seamlessly integrate with our studio management software and it does it flawlessly whether on the smallest of smartphones to the largest desktop computer monitors. Going in we had no idea how the process would work – but we knew our business and we knew what mattered to us – you all were able to help us take those concepts and frame an architecture and style that made sense. You helped us develop a logical flow to the website with the right mix of words and images that would really pull in the user. You collaborated with us extraordinarily well as we worked through the specifics of context that made sense both for our business and from a web development standpoint. And when it came time to go live, you all had everything “buttoned up” and the cutover was flawless.

Just as important as the development and cutover is the post-cutover maintenance and service. You taught us how to do all the time-sensitive updates and real-time changes so we could manage and maintain it ourselves. And when on a whim we decided to change part of our business model, you all immediately jumped in to help us update the website quickly – In any system implementation its easy to get a developer’s attention during the sales process and the development – but to have your immediate support to help us after the fact is amazing.

Wendy and I have been in business for a long time – it’s very rare that you see anyone as service minded as you and Cogneo – thank you again for such a strong effort and we look forward to working with you for years to come.