We Speak WordPress

Originally a platform for blogging websites from circa 2003, WordPress (WP) has since morphed into a website development platform for all types of sites.

These days WP is the single most widely adopted platform in the world powering over 27% of sites you’re likely to use online. Think of WordPress as the car engine for your site and think of the themes designed for it as the interchangeable car body of your site. The WP environment is incredibly well maintained by an avid and dedicated community of design and development professionals — some of whom make their home right here at COGNEO.



WordPress has by far the most widely-used content management system (CMS) available so clients and COGNEO alike can jump in and make changes easily. If your team wants to handle some of the site maintenance in-house, they don’t have to worry about HTML or programming for the most common kinds of changes. Publishing updated or new content is important for audience engagement and for search engines.


WordPress draws from a wealth of editable themes with tons of user-friendly features to better display content. Every theme we use is mobile responsive out of the box so your site looks and works great on phones, tablets, and even those old timy desktops.


Among many search engine-friendly features, content is well structured allowing WP sites to achieve higher page ranking more quickly compared to many other types of sites.


WordPress grows with you in terms of traffic flow, sales and expanded functionality. The WordPress platform has the richest support environment in the world with over 10,000 off-the-shelf plugins so you don’t need to pay for the development of each new functionality. And when deeper, custom solutions are required, WordPress’s engine is fully extensible by our team.


These days, especially on mobile devices, the speed at which content is delivered makes a big difference not only for the audience user experience, but how well the site is ranked by search engines. COGNEO uses a multi-point system for WP site speed including page-by-page content optimization, use of Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s), and caching plugins like W3 Total Cache — all geared for maximum speed and reliability with Rackspace, our top-tier cloud site hosting partner.


COGNEO keeps up to date with teams of brand and voice designers, UX designers, production artists and programmers for the ideation, creation, deployment and maintenance of successful web properties. We keep up to date with technical skills in web analytics, security, backups, HTML, HTML 5, PHP, CSS3, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, XML, JSON, API integrations, and more.

Lehi Vidigal
Lehi Vidigal