In collaboration with PharosIQ, COGNEO was tasked with establishing a standout digital presence in the competitive field of lead generation.

Our goal was to craft a website that is not only intuitive and visually distinct but also effectively communicates PharosIQ’s groundbreaking approach to lead generation.


Our deliverables for this project included innovative website design and development, and a captivating 3D video hero render.

  • Project Scope

    Our engagement with PharosIQ centered on creating an entirely new online presence that sets a new benchmark in the industry.

  • Website Design and Development

    We developed a solution with a unique user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) that differentiates from typical industry standards. The design incorporates bold visuals and interactive elements that draw users in and encourage them to explore PharosIQ’s innovative offerings.

  • Photographic Heroes

    COGNEO meticulously produced and curated photographic heroes that matches and amplifies PharosIQ's brand voice. Our attention to detail in visual branding helped to create a cohesive and engaging user experience that effectively conveys PharosIQ's industry leadership.

  • 3D Video Hero Render

    A key feature of the website is a 3D video hero render that not only symbolizes the company name but also serves as a metaphor for PharosIQ's expertise in navigating the industry to pinpoint highly valuable leads. The hero immediately engages visitors, providing a dynamic introduction to what makes PharosIQ unique in lead generation.

  • Challenges and Solutions

    A primary challenge was to distinguish PharosIQ’s approach from traditional lead generation tactics that focus on intent signals. PharosIQ moves beyond outdated intent data, adopting a sophisticated signal engine that identifies down-funnel buyers for more effective targeting and enhanced results. Our solution involves integrating this concept through visual and typographic elements that clearly communicate the advantages of their advanced methodology.

  • Results

    The PharosIQ website currently sets a new standard for engagement in the lead generation space. Its unique design effectively captures and maintains user interest, fostering deeper engagement with content and services.

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