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1-From the Lightsail control panel click the button “Create Instance”

2-After that select the region

3-Then select the platform Linux/Unix and the blueprint WordPress

4-Choose your instance plan and give it a name (something that will help you identify it), and click the Create Instance button

We usually recommend from 10 dollars up per month for better website performance

5-After your instance is running you can access it by going to the IP address generated upon the creation of the instance, in our example here:

6-From the browser it should look like this:

7-To be able to access the WordPress control panel after the set up is completed we need to recover the password that was created automatically when we were creating the instance, to do that click on the terminal icon on the instance box, that will triger a command shell window in which we will need to type the following command in order to recover the admin password:

sudo cat bitnami_application_password

Terminal Icon, click here to fire up the terminal window.
Type the command line: sudo cat bitnami_application_password

copy the password from here

8-Now that we have the password we can access the WordPress control panel by going to the admin login url:

The dafault username is:


And the password is the one we saved on the previous step.

username: user

Once we have acess to the new WordPress instalations we can migrate our sites with the plugin “All in One Migration”.

Cronjob for SSL Renewal on a Lightsail Instance