A design and technology firm from Mountain View, CA.


We're a California-based full-service design and
technology firm 
specializing in identity, branding,
print, apps and the web.

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COGNEO implements best practices in internal operations with the goal
of achieving maximum energy efficiency and resource sustainability.
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The importance of resonance.

People are savvy. And even if they don't know exactly WHY, they can tell when your brand, identity, business card, mobile app or online presence passes or fails their sense of intuition for trustworthiness, ease of use, visual resonance and simply how hip it is – however they define hip.

Let us help you design your website in a way that resonates best with your audience.

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COGNEO is a design and technology firm

Recent Projects


Snowy Owl Business Card

Snowy Owl Business Card Concept

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Logo Concept

Snowy Owl

Companies trusting COGNEO include

  • walmart-logo
  • yeahoo-logo
  • bluecoat
  • kineto-logo
  • vta-logo
  • Opus-Capital-logo